Apollo machines have been manufactured since 1982 in a number of approx. 560 machines delivered in 19 different countries around the world. Grading machines from Apollo have among a lot of other things a reputations of an incredible durability and reliability. Many of the first machines are still in operation. Other good features are delicate and accurate grading at high speed. These performances together with very little maintenance have made it to the most delivered machine in the market.

The standard sizes have been 4 and 5 track machines, but in the latest years, the sales of 7 and 10 track machines have increased due to increased production and higher demand of efficiency in the farms.

Apollo graders are made of stainless steel 316, which makes it suitable for use with saltwater for grading cod as well as salmon, trout and eel.

The fish are either pumped from a fish pump through the integrated water diverter or by landing net direct to the input of the machine. The fish are spread as evenly as possible before it slides into the grading rollers. The rollers rotate in pairs in opposite direction from each other and lift the fish while it's sliding down the rollers until the gap is so wide that it slides through the opening between the rollers.

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