The AquaScan fish counter has been manufactured since 1990. In the autumn of -96 the CS series was launched and was special designed to count all sizes of fish during transport in pipelines. In that way the fish does not pass any obstacles on its journey through the counter. The counter units are also very easy to install and changes in existing installation are normally not necessary.

AquaScan fish counter is developed on a patented measuring principle which represents a counting method where there is no dependence of distance (aperture) and a number of objects passing the measuring sensor. This system provides high capacity and has an accuracy of 98% or better.

Advanced techniques are used to measure the fish's movement, size and speed to provide an optimal counting result. The counting system is self calibrating and very easy to use.

In 2000, a new version of the CSE was introduced to the market. This model has a more sturdy construction, a solid chassis and the installation of the unit are more convenient with either flange or fitting connection to the hose or tube. The CSE-model is built on modules and will do any service and repair easy.

AquaScan is exported to more than 30 countries worldwide.

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